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Producing artisan Cider and Perry from vintage, old and endangered varieties.
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First cider sale of the year

Our first cider of the season is ready! We have just finished bagging up Royalist, a traditional style blended cider, balanced with a pleasing mix of bitterness and sharpness and Biglis a light refreshing summer cider with apple tones and some sharpness. It has a rounded sweetness with just the faintest hint of a whiskey cask in the background. 

Awards for Llanblethian Orchards

At the welsh perry and cider festival at Caldicot Castle last weekend Llanblethian Orchards won the gold medal for medium draught Perry with 'Monmouth Green' a balanced fruity perry with a cloudy colour like homeade lemonade and the bronze medal for dry draught perry with 'Blakeney Red' a complex fruity perry, clear and very pale in colour.


Bank Holiday Fun

This bank holiday weekend Llanblethian Orchards Cider will be on sale in two different Cider Festivals!

We have cider for sale in the Clytha Cider Festival 2013, between 24th - 27th May in the Clytha Arms, near Abergavenny. The Clytha Arms is an award winning country pub, that has great beer and cider, outstanding food and a great atmosphere. Its pretty much my fav pub in wales and whenever im driving around that part of wales I always come up with some form of excuse to stop there for a pint!

On sale we have:

First cider of the season

The first of this years cider is finally done, and just in time. This weekend it is being sold at the Welsh Cheese and Cider festival at the Gower Heritage Centre (Sat 11th May 10am-11pm & Sun 12th May 10am - 7pm).


On sale we have:

Spring is coming!

Given we had a hard frost last week it can feel like winter is never going to end, but spring is coming faster than we think.

I had a look in the orchard this morning and the cherry plum is preparing to flower and the buds are already bursting.














Creating your own rootstocks

Most fruit trees are actually two trees grown together. The roots of the tree are one variety (called the rootstock) and the top of the tree is another variety. This is done as the rootstock of the tree determines the end size of the tree to a large extent so if all of the trees in an orchard are planted on one kind of rootstock hopefully all the trees will end up of a similar size.


Pruning & Grafting in the Orchard.

Well, I've now finally finished pruning the orchard. I've also decided to graft over one of my varieties of cider apple called Ashton Bitter with another variety called Ellis Bitter. The Ashton Bitter trees seem to be pernamently affected by a nasty looking fungal disease causing dieback which I had tested by Fera and was identified as Fusarium Lateritium and as they never fruit I've decided to cut my losses and grow a better variety.


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